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Import&export freight forwarding general shipping operation detailed process

Import&export freight forwarding general shipping operation detailed process

2021-04-22 14:45

1. Booking

1. The trader makes a booking with Import&export freight forwarding (the booking must show: shipper/consignor, shipping company/ship name/voyage or schedule, port of departure, port of destination/transit port, cargo name, container type, container volume, Freight terms, shipper’s signature and seal).

china Import&export freight forwarding

2. After the customer service staff of Import&export freight forwarding receives the booking form, they need to confirm the order.

Delivery on delivery FOB/EXW/FCA: Confirm with foreign countries

Prepaid goods: Sales check the freight rate with the trader, and after confirmation, Sales will sign and confirm on the booking form, and then book the space with the corresponding shipping company according to the self-made S/O number.

3. Import&export freight forwarding customer service personnel need to confirm the space with the shipping company. After the booking is completed, the customer service staff should enter the information into the company's internal system in time.

4. Import&export freight forwarding prepares the corresponding operation notice, indicates the information that matches the booking information, and sends it to the trader, so that the trader can arrange the delivery of the goods and documents.

   Incoming: Incoming notice

   Tow truck: Tow truck packing notice

   Self-reporting: Self-reporting agreement

*EXW/FCA: The customer provides the notice of delivery, and Import&export freight forwarding arranges the fleet to pick up and deliver the goods to the warehouse.

2. Document Confirmation→Expenses→Signing→Archiving

1. Document confirmation:

After the trader arrives and the initial shipping information is available, the forwarding document needs to enter the bill of lading related information according to the order provided by the trader before, and send it to the trader for confirmation in time until the confirmation is completed.

Note: After signing the order, the trader requests to amend the bill of lading.

2. cost:

After confirming the shipment, Import&export freight forwarding needs to make the cost, and send it to the trader to confirm the invoicing. After the merchant confirms, Import&export freight forwarding issues an invoice and sends it to the merchant for payment. Special fees need to be confirmed with customer service/Sales.

3. Sign

① Import&export freight forwarding bill of lading:

After Import&export freight forwarding confirms the departure information with the shipping company, the document needs to sign out the confirmed bill of lading, and submit it to the financial custody after the customer service confirms that it is correct and signs it. After confirming the receipt of payment from the trader, the finance company will stamp the bill of lading and return the bill of lading to the document. The document will be sent to the customer or the trader will arrange telex release.

Note: The bill of lading required by the trader for telex release can only be arranged after receiving the original telex release guarantee, the telex release fee and the original bill of lading provided by the trader.

② Ocean bill of lading:

The ocean bill of lading is signed by the shipping company. After Import&export freight forwarding receives the shipping company's ocean bill of lading: the original bill of lading, one of the original bill of lading needs to be kept for file, and the remaining two originals and two pairs need to be sent to the foreign agent; For delivery, it is necessary to issue a telex release guarantee to the shipping company so that the shipping company can arrange the telex to the freight forwarder; Seaway bill, only need to file the seaway bill with the freight forwarding bill of lading and forward it to the customer service for the next step.

4. Archive

After receiving the shipping company's sea bill documents, the customer service organizes the shipping costs and forwarder bill of lading information related to the bill of lading, scans and archives the information, and sends the scanned copies to foreign countries. In addition, the ticket form needs to be closed and archived.

3. other

1. If Import&export freight forwarding arranges the trailer/incoming freight forwarding warehouse and the freight forwarding arranges the customs declaration, the import&export freight forwarding operation should arrange the towing container during the shipping company’s free container period, and arrange the arrival in the port during the free container period to avoid production Additional charges. If there are additional costs such as over-stacking fees, ship modification fees, overdue container charters, etc., the trader must be notified immediately, required for written confirmation, and registered.

2. If a trader cancels the booking due to various reasons, he needs to request a written confirmation. After confirming that all expenses incurred have been settled, the information can be deleted from the computer.

3. Precautions for bill of lading:

① The contents of the bill of lading should be complete and accurate. The necessary information cannot be left blank, including: SHIPPER, CONSIGNEE, NOTIFY PARTY, VSL'S NAME/VOY, POL, POD, PLACE OF DELIVERY, MARKS, CARGO DESCRIPTION, CNTR NO./SEAL NO. , DELIVERY AGNET, etc.

② The surface of the bill of lading should be clean to avoid excessive alteration. A bill of lading cannot exceed 3 correction chapters at most. Some important items, such as piece body data, product name, ship name/voyage number, box title, etc. cannot be changed. Remember that the data on the three forms of customs declaration, bill of lading, and manifest must be consistent.

③ The trader requires a shipping permit. The contents of the ship certificate (such as classification societies, ship age requirements) should be verified with the relevant shipping company.

④ In principle, it is impossible to agree to the requirement of the trader to sign the bill of lading in reverse.

⑤ In principle, the ocean bill of lading belongs to Import&export freight forwarding, and cannot be provided to the trader's ocean bill of lading. The bill of lading to the trader is provided by the freight forwarder (except when the trader requires a direct order).



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